Raph Koster describes a "fun Amazon"

Alice from the Wonderland blog is at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology conference and she blogged her extensive notes from Raph "Theory of Fun" Koster's amazing talk on game design's lessons for web applications. Raph took us through what Amazon would look like if it was designed to maximize fun. It was mind-blowing.

If people don't care to come to it over and over, then it will fail.

It has to involve skill. You need to be able to do it better or worse. Purchasing on eBay is compelling – you figure out tricks! Sniping. Evaluation. In order to learn, you have to feel like you're growing more competent.

Fun comes from a growth in competence.

As you come to accomplish it, there need to be variant challenges. Connecting to a CEO on LinkedIn vs. connecting to the pr dude = different.

What you want is for the game to acknowledge the fact that it's tougher to get on Reed Hoffman's linkedin rather than someone who sells ads.

Social media is about cooperation, but the core of games is competitive. As soon as you give people a ladder to climb, they'll climb it.

Ratings. Metrics of contribution. Other people need to see it to measure against it.


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