BBC documentary on Westboro Baptist Church

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Google Video has a BBC documentary about the hateful Westboro Baptist Church, infamous for their "God Hates Fags" signs. In this part, the host interviews a man who was making a documentary about the church and ended up joining it.

Reader comment:

Jesse Thorn says:

The host is Louis Theroux. He was the host of a show called "Weird Weekends," which ran simulataneously on Bravo and the BBC in the late 90s, and he was also one of the reporters on "TV Nation." He just came out with a really fascinating book called "The Call of the Weird," in which he returns to talk with some of the fringey-types he met while shooting Weird Weekends. Prostitutes, UFO enthusiasts, white supremacists, a pimp-turned-rapper. His work is really fascinating, funny and wonderful, particularly because he finds so much empathy with his subjects.

Also, his father is Paul Theroux.

Mike says:

There is a video podcast of Louis Theroux talking about the Westboro
Baptist Church documentary, including an incident they didn't get on
camera, available on the BBC2 website.