Hi-res scans on Voynich Manuscript on Flickr

Picture 7-10

Enjoy these high-res scans of the mysterious 16th-Century parchment book known as the Voynich Manuscript (which is likely to be a 500-year-old hoax). Link

Reader comment:

Dan says:

While there may be other reasons to suspect the Voynich Manuscript as
a hoax, Dr. Schinner's work reflects only a failed attempt to
cryptanalyze an encrypted message. Even truly awful cryptosystems will
emit a stream of numbers that will match a "quasi-random gibberish
generator". In fact, it's here that Dr. Schinner has a real problem:
Humans are notoriously awful at generating high quality entropy. So if
Dr. Schinner has in fact detected an excess of randomness in the
datastream, then he's shown the author had available to him the raw
materials necessary to encrypt an arbitrary message.