Campaign to ban Comic Sans typeface

Earz Mag interviewed Dave Combs, a designer who hates Comic Sans so much he has launched a campaign to eradicate every last vestige of it off the planet.

200704240943Earz: I found a weird website on typography, it was written in Italian I think, and had images of a gravestone lettered in comic sans. What does that say to you?

Combs: That would only be appropriate if the deceased were a clown or comedian, but other than that, I'd come back to haunt whoever did that if I were the dead guy.


Reader comment:

Rogier says:

In your Campaign to ban Comic Sans typeface, Earz mentions the language on the tombstone depicted is Italian. Actually, it's Dutch. It says: "Here rests our loving mom and granni [translated sic] RIE SPANS — BROERE, March 23 1936 — January 24 2004". Her name was Rie Spans-Broere.