Pedantic overanalyzer sucks all the fun out of LOLcats

Actually, this essay (with hot chart action!) on the sociology, etymology, and ecology of image macros and LOL[nouns] is interesting, and thoughtfully written. And the person who wrote it is by no means a pedant. I am making LOL!

But something as pure as a kittah with an invisible sammich — I don't know, when you overanalyze anything that simple and funny, does it vanish like a bucket in tha night?

What happens to a meme deferred? Does it dry up like a harbl in the sun? Or does it fester like a cheezburger — and then run?

Link. (thanks, Cayden)

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    Reader comment: The Good Reverend says,

    In response to Xeni's question about memes deferred: I'm pretty sure they a splode.