Jerry Falwell talks about his first time.

Link to larger JPEG (1222 x 1608) of the historic parody ad for Campari liquor that once appeared in Hustler magazine. In the fake-interview text, Falwell recalls having lost his virginity to his own mother in a goat-filled outhouse. Wikipedia link to the history of "Hustler Magazine v. Falwell," a legal case that helped defined free speech rights in America, in relation to parodies of public figures. Larry Flynt must be having a pretty happy day today. (image via medialibel)

Here's a statement released today by Flynt on the occasion of Fallwell's death. (thanks to everyone who suggested this)


  • Falwell's stupidest quotes, direct from hell.

    Reader comment: BoingBoing reader says,

    This is a clip from a series of sermons Jerry Falwell gave in 1998 about Y2K. He reminisces about goats, too.