Shrek 3 is one awesome show, great job! say Tim & Eric

Tim and Eric, cultivators of fine funny, have produced a series of youtubes about the many aspects of Shrek 3's awesomeness. The film opens Friday nationwide.

Those unfamiliar with the comedy duo's brand of dry, deadpan wit may not immediately grok the fact that this is not a paid ad campaign.

The still-growing heap of apparent adulation for Shrek 3 includes: Tim and Eric Shrek the Third Promo, Report from Headquarters, Conversations about Shrek, Shrek Mobile, Congrats to Chris Miller, and there are many more right here.

The cluelessly outraged youtube user comments are almost as funny as the videos. (Thanks, Tim Heidecker!)

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    Update: "S Day" is here. There's an emergency phone message from David Liebe Hart. And James Qual has a, uh, a message. The Shret lovefest continues.