Design Made in Africa: traveling exhibit

"Design Made in Africa" is described as the world's first major traveling exhibit of contemporary African design. The show opened in New York a few weeks ago at 4 World Financial Center, and includes the work of 30 designers from 14 African countries. Works on display range from useful to ornamental: chairs, wall hangings, graphic design, jewelry, lighting, and more. If you happen to be reading this blog post from Morocco, you can check out a companion exhibit at the Batha Museum in Fes.

Either way, hurry: both the New York and the Morocco exhibitions close this weekend, on May 27.

There's a website with more amazing images from Design Made in Africa, but I'm afraid the site was Made In Hell. First Flash, then a popup window, then a video that won't play unless you have DivX installed. Argh. (via Urban Congo, thanks Emeka Okafor!) ( posted from Guatemala / Xeni )