Hybrid military vehicle to hit Baghdad streets: "The Aggressor"

Well, at least the name doesn't sound as goddamned sissy as most of the hybrids we're able to buy back at home. At the Popular Mechanics blog, Brittany Marquis says:

The diesel-electric hybrid hype has met its match: the U.S. Army. After focusing on hydrogen fuel cells in its original version of "The Aggressor," a high-performance, off-road Alternative Mobility Vehicle (AMV) for military ground exploration and scouting missions, the Pentagon is now going the way of Detroit–with batteries.

The new, second-generation prototype will still utilize the same basic chassis and exterior design for light-duty capacity. But the Army's auto research arm–part of the Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC)–has developed a battery-dominant, hybrid-electric drivetrain with a diesel engine-generator. That could make the new Aggressor the first hybrid to hit the streets of Baghdad en masse.

Link (thanks, Matt Sullivan) ( posted from Guatemala / Xeni )