Plain Janes appearance in LA, May 24

The author and illustrator of the fine new graphic novel The Plain Janes are coming to Los Angeles's Secret Headquarters, my all-time favorite comic shop. I've just read The Plain Janes and found it superb — a funny, spirited little story about a gang of girls named Jane at a strait-laced high-school, rejected by the mainstream, and their art adventures.

The event is on Thursday, May 24, 8PM-10PM.

Let us sum up THE PLAIN JANES for you real quick;

1. Lunch room rejects.
2. Multiple Janes.
3. Girl Gang.
4. Art attacks.

Castellucci is the author of Young Adult novels, THE QUEEN OF COOL, BOY PROOF, and most recently…BEIGE.

Her first graphic novel, THE PLAIN JANES, is illustrated by Jim Rugg of STREET ANGEL fame.