Ape lad draws: Pretty Little Monkey Girl, and Hellmonkey

( posted from Guatemala / Xeni ) Ape Lad has a couple of amazing new $20 illustrations up (he should add a few zeros!).

"In Spanish, 'Mona Lisa' means 'pretty little monkey girl,'" he writes. Link.

Don't want to get all pedantic on anyone's business, but I think that translation is probably not accurate (though my Spanish is clunky). Still love the drawing anyway. "Mono," male noun, is monkey, and "lisa" can mean "flat," or "smooth." Smooth ladymonkey?

Anyway -- equally astounding, Hellmonkey: Link. (Thanks, Holy Mac)

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  • Reader comment: Bill Shamam says:

    It's been done already (about 35 years ago) by my friend Rick: Link.

    Thanks for a great site.. been reading for years!

    Update from Holy Mac again:

    To be fair to apelad, he was only drawing what was named for him: Link.