Display your tiki mug collection at Ooga Mooga

Humuhumu says:

Ooga-Mooga has grown by leaps and bounds since it launched two years ago — it now has information on more than 2,500 tiki mugs and other Polynesian Pop collectibles. Nearly 300 people have put their collections up on display on Ooga-Mooga, and there are just shy of 15,000 photos. It has become a tremendous resource for learning more about tiki mugs.

There's a small fee to put your own collection up on Ooga-Mooga (though it's free to store up to ten mugs). However, all the information and pictures in Ooga-Mooga — information like who designed a mug, where it was used, when it was created, what different versions are available — all of that is freely available to anyone. There are even price sightings entered continually by Ooga-Mooga's users, so you can get a general idea what a particular mug tends to go for.

A great example is one of my favorite mugs (and one I have on my own wish list), a mug used at the Mainlander in St. Louis in the '60s. It's based on a Witco fountain. Link