Google Street View has many uses, like finding dead people?

BB reader Ross says,

This Google link is supposedly, according to this article (see #6), a close-up view of a well-known homeless man in San Jose who was killed earlier this month in a scuffle over his dog.

If true, this whole Street View thing is getting stranger by the minute. Can anyone substantiate this rumor?

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    Reader comment: Gene Cowan of San Jose, CA says,

    Regarding the homeless man captured by Google's street view cameras:
    Yes, that is Cornelius, who was a gregarious, friendly homeless man here in San Jose. He had a dog, who was the target of some kind of attack, and when Cornelius attempted to defend the dog, he was killed by some freak.
    In the era of the internet, no one is forgotten, evidently.

    Kristofer says,

    I can vouch for the unfortunate picture from Google Street View of the now deceased homeless man in San Jose. I work in downtown San Jose, and the guy was really well known. He would sit there with his dog all day – hours and hours. I didn't ever speak with him, but I knew who he was. The URL is a video "Remembering Cornelius" where people reflect on his life. You can see his picture in there and match it up with the Google Street View.

    Steve Cooley says,

    This is a gallery down the street from our gallery, and their billboard shows the date range that this batch of google photos was taken. Dec. 1 – Jan. 20… Just an additional piece to the puzzle… so they've obviously been sitting on this photo data for a while.