Johnny Depp "Pirates" cookie does not look like Johnny Depp

Recently here on BoingBoing, my co-editor Mark has been chronicling an internet-wide crusade to improve the quality of representational popsicles.

Earlier today came proof that our collective will can change the edible world. We cheered as one, upon seeing this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles treat in all its resplendent accuracy. At last, the MSM (mainstream sweets manufacturers) heard our cries!

Now, comrades, the time has come to take aim at cookie makers.

BoingBoing reader and fellow traveler Chuck7 sends the image above, and puts down his beer for a moment to type and testify:

Here is a hilarious well-frosted Johnny Depp cookie I found at the local 7-11 last night when I went up to get more beer: Link. They had 6 or 7 uniquely frosted Johnny Depp pirate cookies. I thought this cookie captured his essence pretty well.

Pretty well? Oh, the bittersweet sarcasm, Chuck7. We're gonna let them know America still cares about quality. We're gonna let them know we are here to speak truth to power, until every comestible googly-eye is centered, every tweety bird eyelash aligned.

These cookies we shall overcome, and when we've overcome, we will nom nom nom.

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(posted from the road in central america / xeni)

Reader comment: Nathan Seven says,

I thought the one looked rather gay myself, so I positioned them next to one another :) Link.