Flickr users in Germany and Asia complain of image censoring

Farhad Manjoo has a story on Salon today about what amounts to a new censorship policy at Flickr. He says,

They're blocking users in Germany, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong from turning off "SafeSearch" — meaning people there can't see anything that users have flagged "moderate" or "restricted." The plan has caused a huge firestorm on Flickr's boards.

Stewart Butterfield responded by hinting that it wasn't Flickr's decision to put the plan in place (Hint, it was Yahoo's.)

Link. Here's a related user group on Flickr. Here's a related comment thread on Flickr, which includes a reply from Butterfield — snip from that:

Unfortunately I can't give a more detailed update yet or any concrete good news, but please don't take our silence to mean that nothing is happening.