Dramatic Chipmunk

This is the funniest 5 second internet video ever. Maybe just the funniest internet video ever. Video Link. With all that gravitas, I think he must be Mr. Romance's pet or friend. (Thanks, Kent Nichols!)

Reader comments:

Paul Berger says,

The star of "Dramatic Chipmunk" appears to be a Prairie Dog (Cynomys sp.) as opposed to a chipmunk (Tamias sp.). Either a great example of cross=species casting or a call to action for chipmunk-americans to stand up for their rights. Loved the video.

And warning, some readers claim to have experienced possible malware risks at the video link above. Rob says,

using Internet Explorer (I'd rather use FF, but…) and a pop up tries to
con you into installing software (and I bet its not something nice).

This one is a bit different from what I've seen before: The pop up is in
the same language as the version of IE you are using (when I used a danish
IE the popup was in danish, and when I used an US IE the pop up was in

Using FF and your are as so often before; immune.

Anyhow: You might want to warn the readers of your great blog (or the poor
sods like me, forced to use IE at work, where I really should not surf
BoingBoing :o) or perhaps remove the link all together.

Liz Upton says,

The link you guys provided to the dramatic chipmunk (who is very splendid, but not a chipmunk – he's a prairie dog) is heaving with popups, prompts to download spyware and other nastiness. Here's a YouTube link to the same video, without the ads and popups.

Matt says,

I just thought you might enjoy our small friend in animated .gif form. (I didn't make it. I'm not sure who did, actually. I just found it on a message board.)


Rafael says,

Link to the "dramatic chipmunk" video but with dramatic subtitles, hilarious.

Chris F says,

After posting the animated .gif version of the dramatic chipmunk Xeni posted earlier, forum members from my website created a number of different versions. My favorite is the one with the monocle. Link.