Creepy, interesting, and real — a short link roundup.

  • Michael David Murphy, photographer and writer, is in Louisiana covering the trial of 6 black youths charged with attempted murder after a fight broke out over whether or not the black students had the right to sit under a "whites-only" tree. All members of the jury are white. Link (photo shown here: a tree near the one in question, shot by Murphy).
  • NYC chef sues rival seafood restaurant, claiming intellectual property theft: They be stealin' my bukkit (of New England oysters)! Link.
  • Dramatic Cow: The video.
  • Who says newspapers are obsolete? Here's HOWTO modify an old newspaper box to deliver headlines digitally each morning, no quarters required: Link 1, Link 2.
  • 72-year-old former Marine and competition fighter beats living fsck out of pickpocketing fool at gas station: Link.
  • Mayor and DA of Pittsburgh want to daisychain spy cameras into a Londonesque surveillance network, complete with license-plate-recognition systems and cameras mounted on the city's many bridges. Link
  • A reasonably cute "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" t-shirt. Link, larger-sized image here.
  • Nietzsche-quoting judge in California rules that a $140,000 promise penned in blood by a businessman is not an enforceable contract.
  • Neil Cavuto at Fox News is trying to find people who do not like the iPhone. Dude, give it up. About as easy as finding WMDs in Saddam's Iraq. Link.
  • Congressman introduces bill that could inspire proliferation of hundreds of new low-power FM radio stations around the USA. Link. Mike Doyle is the same lawmaker mentioned in this previous BB post.
  • (Thanks, Jason, Scott, Joe, Shawn, Ashley, hoboagogo, Bonnie, Alex)

    Reader comment: Justin says,

    Regarding Michael David Murphy covering the "Jena Six." My good friend's sister, Abbey Brown, is a reporter in Alexandria, Louisiana and has been covering the "Jena Six" arrests and trial since it started. Check out and search for "Jena Six" to read coverage of this story from someone local.

    I travel near that area for work sometimes, and some of the locals think this trial is a powderkeg in the making. To me, from the outside, it looks like the situation has been bungled from the start and the racial tensions are going to burst sometime soon.