BoingBoing week in review: June 25-July 1, 2007

Cropped detail from "The Last Supper," by clarkbar6, courtesy Here's the large size so you can read all the funny txt, and the rollovers are pretty funny too (thanks, KN!).

  • iPhone posts:
    1 :-( /

    2 ;-) /

    3 :-) /

    4 :-/ /

    5 :-x /

    6 :-O /

    7 :-P /

    8 =-o /

    9 :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D.

  • Google versus Michael Moore's "Sicko": one, two. (Cory)
  • GPL 3.0 ships (Cory)
  • Poking at Facebook privacy: one, two (Xeni)
  • Bong Hits 4 Jesus: one, two, three, four (Mark, Xeni)
  • Rule the web! one, two (Mark)
  • Mushrooms as insulation material (Pesco)
  • Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars (Pesco)
  • Peeking at the CIA's "family jewels" — one, two, three (Pesco and Xeni)
  • Man thinks he is living inside Grand Theft Auto (Mark)
  • NYC to require $1MM in insurance and a permit to shoot video on public sidewalks (Cory)
  • Froot Loop straws (Mark)
  • Some people hated Michael Bay's "Transformers," while Joel Johnson declares himself "totally gay for robots fighting." (Xeni)
  • Airplane full of poop (Xeni)
  • Crustaceans chewing up Japanese island (Pesco)
  • Wikify the problem of ending corruption (Cory)
  • Itteh bitteh cheezborgers! (Cory)