Paul Krassner profiled

LA Weekly has a funny short profile of Paul Krassner, founder of The Realist, a newsletter that was a huge influence on the formation of bOING bOING (the zine the preceded this blog). Paul is 75 years old and still going strong.

200705041830When Jack Weinberg said, in 1965, " …we don't trust anybody over 30," Krassner was 33, an old, old man. But with the gargantuan reputation of his magazine, The Realist, the flagship publication of the radical left at the time, perhaps of all time, and indispensable rag to the hemorrhaging bleeding heart of the Vietnam War–addled counterculture, Krassner was definitely an exception to the new adage. He established himself as the Walter Cronkite of the underground press and was considered the most trusted investigative satirist working in Amockrica.

"The irony is that I've always tried to uphold the virtues of the Constitution and I never took an oath to do it, while [the politicians I target] did take an oath, and they're the ones trying to destroy the Constitution," he said.


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