A surreal and supremely inane compendium of miscellaneous knowledge, Vol 8

Picture 1-87
Video — Goofy is a smoking fiend in this old Disney cartoon. (Thanks, Mike!)

Teen arrested for recording 20 second clip of Transformers "Jhannet Sejas readily admits she used her digital camera last month in an Arlington theater to film about 20 seconds of the climax of the hit movie Transformers. She said she wanted to show the clip to her little brother and had no intention of selling it."

Picture 2-65

Video — What if FDR were like GWB? "I got tired of right-wingers saying, 'If the media had been as hard on FDR as they are on Bush, we'd have lost World War II.' So I started wondering… What if FDR had run his war like GWB?"

Picture 5-27
Home Inspection Nightmare photos, Vol 7. (Shown here: heater outlet made from show box).

200708021107 Flickr gallery of the installation of Mueck's show at the Modern in Fort Worth TX. (Thanks, youdiejoe!)

200708021109 Video — Maywa Denki's singing robots.

200708021113 Photos of old-timey daredevils.

Elton John says: "I do think it would be an incredible experiment to shut down the whole internet for five years and see what sort of art is produced over that span." (Thanks, Gary!)

200708021116 Photos of man's ball collection.