Order a live burro by mail

PCL Linkdump presents this wonderful magazine advertisement from the late '50s. Spencer gifts was selling REAL LIVE MEXICAN BURROS by mail.



The Gift of a Lifetime for Any Youngster

From South of the Border comes this soft-eyed gentle little pet of all Mexican children, and the hard-working friend of their parents… to make Christmas this year unforgettable for your youngster! You'll be the talk of the town! Everyone will want to pet your burro.

What years of pleasure this real, live Mexican burro will bring you and your children, Lovable, huggable, long-earred, extra tame, extremely intelligent. Friendly to other animals. Easily hitched to small cart. Economical to raise. Eats anything — straw, hay, alfalfa, corn, oats, grass, bread, etc. Hardy, select specimens — sound, well-fed, clean.

When fully grown at about 2 years, they stand about 43" high (size of a large dog) and weigh about 200 lbs. Live up to 25 years. Thrive in any climate.

Send check or money order for amount of Burro now. Burro will arrive about 5 weeks from time we recive your order, unless otherwise specified. Comes uncrated, with food and water for the journey, by Railway Express, collet, F.O.B. Laredo, Texas. You pay express charge of $20 to $40 on arrival. Mexican and U.S. duties already paid. Sorry, no exchanges or refunds. Dipped and U.S. Gov't inspected before shipping. Guaranteed live delivery in their natural born colors.

Baby — For children up to 5 years (3 mos. old — 38" high — 50lbs)
Female: $95 Male $85

Youngster — For children up to 10 years (7 mos. to 1 yr. — 40" high — 100lbs)
Female: $95 Male $85

Mother and Baby (Total weight about 200 lbs) Pair $175

Male and Female (For breeding) Pair $180

Female in Foal $155

Saddle — Handmade in Mexico, genuine leather $75

Bridle — $15

Also in the ad, "MESS LESS PET" — a fake mouse; "the answer to anyone that wants a pet, but doesn't want the bother of a live one." 59 cents ppd.


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