Jasmina Tešanović's "Nefertiti" novella, free

Jasmina Tešanović, the noted Serbian feminist writer and activist, has just released her latest novella, "Nefertiti," as a free, Creative Commons-licensed download. Nefertiti was initially published as a short-run book in an edition of 300 copies from the Women's Studies and Gender Research Center in Belgrade, but now it's available to a much wider audience. Both the print and the electronic editions feature gorgeous stencil art from Aleksandra Petković, a young Belgrade artist.

I'm pleased to be hosting the HTML version here on Boing Boing, and to have helped Jasmina put the PDF up on the Internet Archive.

Jasmina writes,

Nefertiti was a heretic queen about whom we know
almost nothing. Nefertiti disappeared during her
reign, her tomb was never discovered, and her regime's
images were erased from the royal walls. Yet her bust
still casts her spell on the onlookers in the Berlin
museum, and the fame of her beauty overshadows our
need for facts.

Jasmina Tesanovic, a feminist writer, gave Nefertiti a
voice, while Aleksandra Petkovic, an artist,
stencilled images for her across all these missing

Nefertiti is here, Nefertiti is there, Nefertiti is

Link to HTML version, Link to PDF

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