Smorgasbord of short links

  • Above: "My name is Glenn Weyant and i play the US/Mexico border with a cello bow and other implements of mass percussion. Link."
  • How much is that blow job in the window? Pay rates for sex acts at Link.
  • At long last: The Stephen Colbert / Richard Branson splashdown: Video Link.
  • A Tyrannosaurus Rex could outrun David Beckham: Link.
  • Scientists replicate out-of-body experience using VR goggles and a stick. Link.
  • BB reader Matt C. says: "The Earth was cool at a young age. But like most aging ex-hipsters it later quit smoking and tried to cover its bald patches." Link.
  • Link to "A 15,000 year tour of Manhattan," Flash slideshow of NYC decaying after all the humans are dead (we used poisonous gases/and we poisoned their asses). From the website promoting Alan Weisman's new book, "The World Without Us."
  • This machine produces instant french fries automagically from powdery potatoey flakes. Link.
  • So, you want to be a sommelier: Link .
  • Crafty pancake pillows: Link.
  • Crafty boobie pillows: Link.

  • Michael Vick, step aside, and kindly take those rottweilers with you: "Actor and Internet personality Wil Wheaton has been indicted by federal prosecutors on charges of promoting and hosting a robot fighting ring." Link.
  • Can an opera singer's voice really shatter glass? Link.
  • OMG LINUS TORVALDS READS BOINGBOING! Link. The sky above is full of win, and the stars, they spell out "hawsum."
  • Excellent 1980s party robot for sale on eBay: Link (shown below).

    (Thanks, Jack, Fred McCord, Alberto Colin, Scott Rosenblum, Maddy , DJ Spiess, Sean Carton, Joel M, Peabody, Brian, Susannah Breslin)