More short links than you can shake a Wii at

  • Chronicle Books will soon publish Van Halen: a Visual History to coincide with the band's reunion tour. Image above from that book, shot by Neil Zlozower. Here's my favorite DLR interview ever, from the post-punk fanzine WET: Link (previous BB post). It was a dueling interview layout, DLR vs. Johnny Rotten. DLR won. Did you know he once trained to be a paramedic?

  • Stooping to New Lows Department: I ended up in an ABC World News segment about a new version of Facebook for cats and dogs. WNT site doesn't have the video, but this affiliate station posted it: Video Link. Shut up.
  • Scott Beale says, "Check it out, BART [the SF Bay Area underground train system] is requiring SFShenanigans to get a free speech permit for their Christmas in August on BART event. If not, they're going to send in the BART police. Amazing how much things have changed in the last decade. What if they were doing a Mime Flash Mob, then would they need a free speech permit?" Link. UPDATE: BART representative Linton Johnson has just responded to the criticism: Link.
  • A documentary film about artist Steve Kurtz' "bioterrorism" case is now opening in theaters around the country. Link. Previous BB posts about his case here.
  • It Came From Airport Security, the anthology announced about a year ago of fiction based on new security measures at airports, is now available (and is forwardthinkingly licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5).

  • The new Sony Bio Battery is powered by glucose from grape juice and sports drinks. Link (via ubergizmo).

  • Conceptual artist Jonathon Keats produces pornography for houseplants, "featuring uncensored acts of explicit pollination, filmed in photosynthetic silhouette for projection onto the exposed foliage of bushes and brambles…" Link.
  • MUTHR NACHR'S HARBL? A tumbleweed lies lodged in Upper Antelope Canyon, in Antelope Canyon Navajo Tribal Park outside of Page, Arizona. Photo link.

  • Listening to: some kinda M.I.A., Topknot, Cornershop remix here, MP3 Link.
  • Twitter updates from Burning Man: Link.

    (thanks, Susannah Breslin, Scott Beale, Jeff Reynolds, guinevere harrison, C. Glen Williams, Henrik)