The only thing in the world I hate more than Crocs are Uggs. Evidently, the two have mated, spawning this vile demon bastard footwear spotted recently in Houston. Where it is 100 degrees. (Thanks, Katie)

Reader comment: Samir M. Nassar says,

I might not be a proud Crocs owner, but my feet are happy. I work a
twelve-hour night shift at a hospital. This entails lots of walking to and
fro. After years of suffering at the hands of sneakers and tennis-shoes I put
down my money for a pair of Crocs and my feet have been singing the praises

For the record, mine are black, and don't have the stupid holes on top and I
do cringe when I see them worn out in the street. Tacky!

Brett Burton says,

How did you miss the opportunity to make one of the nearly limitless puns available for your Cruggs post? Say No To Cruggs, Don't Get Hooked on Cruggs… Crugg Abuse ? Anyway, thanks for helping raise Crugg Awareness. It's good to see Boing Boing doing it's part to aid in Crugg Prevention.


  • Crocs banned in Swedish hospital for generating a "cloud of lightning"