BBC comics documentary: Comics Britannia

Forbidden Planet's Joe Gordon sez, "A number of us in the British comics community have been excitedly awaiting Comics Britannia, three one-hour shows on BBC4 due this September which are going to explore the history and culture of British comics, from the kids comics of the 30s through to today. Andy Hall from the BBC just sent me this link to a website the Beeb has put up to support the series (it also includes details of more comics shows in their season including on on Steve Ditko) which has details, picture galleries and some video clips of interviews from the series with Alan Moore and Leo Baxendale (one of the godfathers of Brit comics). Andy tells me more content will be added as they go along because they see this as a cultural resource as well as show – isn't it terrific to see comics culture being treated so well?"


(Thanks, Joe!)