Flowchart: The Science of Gangsta Rap

This excellent entry on Chris' Invincible Super Blog also includes a Wu Tang infographic on what to do "When Dealing With a Killa Be Swarm In The Land of Shaolin," and the Unified Dre-Dogg theory: a Bitch/Ho/Trick/Shit venn diagram.

What makes these most LOLworthy, however, are some of the comments:

I notice a critical flaw in Figure 4-A. The figure contradicts Dr. Dre's (PhD) treatise entitled 'Bitches ain't shit', in it is stated that "Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks". While you have correctly shown that 'Bitches' and 'Shit' are two discrete groups (i.e. that "Bitches ain't shit"), you have incorrectly shown the class of "bitches" as existing partially outside of the groups "tricks" and "hoes". The correct formulation of the theory would have "bitches" as the intersection of the two classes, with no section outlying. Keep in mind, bitches ain't shit but hoes AND (not and/or) tricks.

Link (thanks, Coop!)

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