1966 prediction of home computer in 1999 (Video link updated)

MZ says:

Picture 2-74It's amazing how accurate these predictions from 1966 were about home computers in 1999, and not just what they can do (or having them at all) but what many people would inevitably use them for most of the time: shopping online, paying bills online, managing our bank accounts, and using an "electronic correspondence machine…which allows for instant communication between individuals anywhere in the world."

Strangely, though this little clip is fascinatingly insightful on the technology tack, they are shockingly fossilized in their view of gender roles in 1999. Behold "father" coming home to his computer to shake is head over the e-bills sent directly to him from "mother's" gleeful shopping at her console (when she wasn't raising their children by video conference).

(Original link is offline, here's the Google Video:) Link