Blog about living in a van down by the river

This looks promising. A couple from Sarasota, Florida named Markus and Angela are planning to sell their worldly possessions, buy a used van, live in it, and blog about it. They are currently shopping for the van.

Picture 1-100This was inspired (in part) by the 4 Hour Workweek, where Tim Ferris talks about living a totally mobile lifestyle. Well, we love America and before setting out abroad we want to have a base and find the best city to live in that we could make our permanent home.

The rough plan as of now is:

  1. Sell most of our crap. Store the rest.
  2. Find, buy, steal, or otherwise get a van.
  3. Pimp out said van with a custom bed, office, LCD tv, etc.
  4. Get a high speed internet connection
  5. Get laptops, photo, and video gear to document this crazy thing.
  6. Figure out what to take along for survival
  7. Go!