Burning Man '07 seen from above (hi-res jpeg)

Link to 8698 x 8735 pixel 7.32 MB jpeg of Black Rock City, as seen from space the sky, during Burning Man 2007. If this link dies, I'll host a copy somewhere. (thanks, Wayne Correia!)

Update: BB reader Frogbeater points us to the source…

Pict Earth has the Black Rock City image in place in the Black Rock Desert. I've never used them before and it's a little clunkier than Google Earth, but it has some more current images in some places than Google does. Doesn't seem to work with Safari though, Firefox works fine.

BB reader William Harmon points us to an interesting similarity…

The jpg of the burning man site reminded me of the early paleolithic site in Louisianna called Poverty Point. The site layout is stikingly similar. Most Americans are completley unaware of the massive earthen works associated with the archeology of the US.

Wired Editor in Chief Chris Anderson says,

Just a quick note about that Burning Man image. My understanding is that
it's not from space, but rather a mosaic of shots taken from a Cessna.
Pict'Earth is working with us on similar UAV imagery and we did the Wired
Science UAV episode with them. Here's a shot from that session at the
Alameda Naval Air Station (AKA the set of the Matrix 2): Link.