Spider Robinson starts a podcast!

Hugo-award winning science fiction writer Spider Robinson has begun a podcast. He sez, "A series of 8 essays about space and space travel that I wrote during the past year while I was first Writer In Res at Vancouver's H.R. Macmillan Space Centre and posted on their site are now being made available as podcasts. The first is already up on my site and ultimately all 8 podcasts should be available both there and at the MacMillan's site."

Spider adds this tantalizing news: "As we speak I'm recording most if not all of my short work for podcast, right here in my office. I've been reading my own novels aloud for Blackstone Audiobooks for some time, and my maiden effort, CALLAHAN'S LEGACY [Ed note: I greatly enjoyed this one!], was a finalist for the industry's annual Audie Award this year. They have a half dozen in inventory and at least three more coming, as well as Robert A. Heinlein's ROCKET SHIP GALILEO [Ed note: Squee!] (the first book I ever read in my life, at age 6). But Blackstone is only interested in novels–and some of my best work is in shorter lengths, including all three of my Hugo winners so far.

So I'm recording stories right here at home, running an Apex 460 microphone through a preamp into a G4 Powerbook. It's the same model mic that Rob Bailey's Treehouse Studio here on Bowen Island BC has been using to record all my audiobooks, and it makes me sound like The Voice Of God."


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