Burqinis and the new Muslim chic

Boing Boing reader Darren says,

Burqinis are the new black! Here's an article from the International Herald Tribune about how Muslim fashion designers are getting more creative: Link.

One of the more interesting designs I read about was the 'burqini'. It's essentially a two-piece, beach-friendly tracksuit which covers the whole body. I gather it's a pragmatic solution to the problem of what observant Muslim women can wear to the beach.

They're apparently sold here (features photos of happy Burqini-clad women frolicking on a beach). And here's a female Muslim lifeguard in Australia, sporting one while watching the waves.

Image above: at left, the cover shot on MSLM, a new fashion magazine for Muslim women in the Netherlands (favorite headline on that cover: "BAD SCARF DAY: we all have days like this!"). At right, a ninja girl in a burqini.