Chinese restaurant MFC is a mashup of McDonald's and KFC.

Japan Probe has a news video about a Chinese restaurant called MFC that borrows the look and feel of McDonald's and KFC, mashing them together. The video is in Japanese, but it's fun to watch even for non-Japanese speakers.

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Main Points:

• A fast food restaurant called MFC combines the Chinese characters for McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken, crudely combining the menus of both chains.

• Our brave reporter tries a chicken burger and determines it is less tasty than what he could eat at McDonald's.

• MFC's homepage states it was started in America during the 1960s. However, when their reporter calls the company they are told it was founded in China 7 years ago.

• There is something that looks like a Beijing Olympics logo on their menu. However, their phone interview finds that MFC is not an official sponsor of the Olympic games.

• The best part of the report? MFC's spokeswoman responds to their questioning with something along the lines of, "We don't have any stores in Japan, so what's your problem?"