Wednesday: Dorkbot-San Francisco Todd Blair benefit

As BB readers know, machine artist Todd Blair suffered a catastrophic brain injury after the recent Survival Research Laboratories performance in Amsterdam. Todd has not awoken since the accident and remains in an Amsterdam hospital surrounded by family and friends. To help with his medical expenses and the recovery, our friend Karen Marcelo has organized a special Dorkbot-San Francisco session this Wednesday night, October 10, at Kyle Minor Design Studio. The evening's activities will also include an auction of various items, including a banner ad on Boing Boing, with all proceeds going to the Todd Blair support fund. A stellar line-up of Todd's friends have signed on to give presentations and help out:


Ken Goldberg – Robots As Environmentalists
Eric Paulos – Citizen Science
Mark Pauline – Survival Research Labs
Joe Grand – Fifteen Art Projects in Fifteen Minutes
Steven Lassovszky – Airplane GPS/Telemetry Video
Marc Powell, food hacker, will be catering the event

Here are just some of the items that will be up for auction:

• Banner ad on Boing Boing
• Haters CD
• Vintage SRL posters
• RE/Search books
• Neon repair by John Law
• Welding classes by SRL's Liisa Pine
• Autographed DEFCON 15 badge
• Slides from WarGames movie
• Flame thrower igniters
• Hello Kitty electric guitar
• Private sewing coaching
• Radiation monitor
• Make Yer Own Homemade Pie workshop


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