How to board a plane without ID — be a pageant queen

Privacy advocate hero John Gilmore — who doesn't fly because he doesn't want to show his ID — should wear a pageant sash next time he wants to fly without showing his ID. That's what this beauty contestant did.

From the New York Post:

New York airports are now making security exceptions for graceful girls with big smiles. A tipster who saw the first episode (airing tonight) of MTV's new reality show, "Pageant Place," told us that when Miss Universe Riyo Mori forgot her ID while trying to board a flight from JFK to Bloomington, Ind., she convinced a TSA agent to let her through – by flashing her sash. "First she showed her head shot, but it didn't work . . . so then she just pulls out her sash and the agent sent her through to security," gasped the snitch.