Boing Boing hoodie by GAMA-GO!

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Behold… the limited edition Boing Boing hoodie by GAMA-GO! This truly wonderful garment began as a sketch by longtime BB pal Tim Biskup. Our humble request of Tim? Create a graphic that embodies Boing Boing as you see it in your twisted mind's eye. Next stop, the GAMA-GO hideout where co-founders Chris Edmundson and Greg Long, and hypertalented designer Emily Glaubinger, brought Tim's illustration into the realm of the wearable. More than nine months in the making, this ultracomfortable garment embodies everything a hoodie can be. The printed felt appliqué skull is surrounded by printed and embroidered graphics that snake around the back and over the shoulder. An unholy hybrid of Jackhammer Jill and Biskup's Deathbot graces the sleeve. The interior features a printed and lined hood, two zipper pockets, and a headphone cord pass-through. The Boing Boing/GAMA-GO hoodie was manufactured in limited quantities, with just 384 available in men's (small-XXL) and 216 in women's (small-XL).
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The hoodies won't ship until November 20, but if you pre-order you'll also receive the limited edition Boing Boing/GAMA-GO pin set seen above. The Boing Boing hoodie is available exclusively from the good people at GAMA-GO for $120 including domestic shipping. We hope you dig them!

Link to order men's hoodie, Link to order women's hoodie

UPDATE: For the non-US readers who who asked, GAMA-GO ships globally. They write, "We are now using USPS for international orders. $25 for one item shipped, $5 for every item thereafter."