Chris Anderson sparks PR flak armageddon

Last week Wired editor Chris Anderson published a list of PR folks who'd spammed him with inappropriate news releases. On his Long Tail blog, Anderson said that all the addresses on the list were blacklisted forever from his inbox.

As a result, one PR firm is now bragging to clients and prospective clients that it is not on Anderson's blacklist. This has prompted a flame war between PR firms.

Silicon Alley Insider has published some of the emails:


From: Adam Handelsman, 5WPR EVP

To: Steve Blinn

Your email to my client is disgusting and I want you [and employee John Chapman] to take notice… I have instructed every one of my staffers (80) to personally target your clients. I will pay them an entire month's fee as a bounty for every client they take from you. I am also personally calling CEO of your clients, and forwarding your BS email around the industry.

Great move moron… this is war!

Link (Thanks, Charlie!)