Dave Hill is a very funny guy (videos)

I recently became acquainted with the work of NYC-based funnyman Dave Hill, by way of John Hodgman and Jesse Thorn's respective blogs. Dave has a metric dungload of videos up on Superdeluxe.com: here is a Link to his archive. I think my favorite is "Dave Hill Gets Schooled In Actor's Movement." I love it so much that I have recently begun muttering a certain phrase he uses in that video again and again. My friends and cow-orkers are sick of me saying that Dave Hill line now. I, however, AM NOT.

Dave's "NYC fashion week" videos (one, two) are also pretty fcking sweet. OMG, no wait, this dental services commercial is my favorite: Link.

Remember the Black Metal Dialogues? Witchtaint? The email exchange? Classic internet excellence. Dude, that was Dave Hill, too!