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Covering the Mouse is an MP3 blog that focuses on cover versions of Disney songs, with extensive notes on the original songs and the context in which the cover arose:

The covering band is a British duo called PSAPP (pronounced 'sap'). They're most noted for being the artists behind the theme song to the wildly successful Grey's Anatomy TV show, but their choice to cover this song isn't completely out of left field. From their covers to their originals, and even the graphics on their website, it becomes apparent that Psapp are cat fanciers. As part of a recent Q Magazine soft rock anthem cover CD, they even covered Al Stewart's Year of the Cat. A Love Cats cover can't be far behind.

Their interpretation of Everybody Wants To Be A Cat from the 5th volume of the Ubiquity Records' excellent REWIND! series, incorporates the best elements of their sound. Warm organic instruments, layered with electronics and everyday objects used as musical percussion, along with sampled meows, all capped off with the lovely whisper-smooth vocals of singer Galia Durant.


(via The Disney Blog)