Fanfic celebration in Southwest Air's magazine

Southwest Airlines's Spirit Magazine ran a great, positive article on fanfic — and managed not to mention sex or copyright even once.

But despite the proliferation of ridiculous premises and terrible grammar, I quickly grew fond of fan fiction. Sure, I found plenty of duds, but also uncovered some gems. These fanfics took me to new places, expanding the author's universe in ways the original material couldn't. Take, for example, the novel-length story that brought characters and plots from Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising series to the setting of Harry Potter, putting an inventive spin on both works. Or the fanfic that refashioned the entire Heroes universe into a fairy tale, complete with its own physics, mythology, and ancient origin text. Instead of passively consuming the novels and TV show, these fans took an active role, using their imagination to push the material in plot, form, and character.


(via Vitanuova)

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