Driver tasered for refusing to sign traffic ticket

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Driver with his family gets pulled over. When officer won't point out speed limit sign driver was accused of ignoring, driver refuses to sign ticket. Officer shoots man with taser, lets him fall and cut his head, then arrests him.

As the hero explained to a colleague a few minutes later, Massey [the driver] was "making me nervous as hell" by his insistence on being treated as a reasonable adult, rather than behaving like a timid child. "I was like, nah, we ain't playing this game," Gardner boasted to the second officer by way of justifying the Taser strike.

"Good," gloated the second tax-fed parasite. "Good for you."

(Note: I don't agree that police officers, even the the small minority of bad ones, should be called "tax-fed parasites." I'm just quoting the blog entry that this video appears in.)

Link | CBS video with captions