Donald Duck, copyright maximalist

Branko sez,

A reader of the FOK blog noticed that a comic in the Dutch "Donald Duck" magazine is a bit too close for comfort to the rhetoric typically spouted by the local (Disney-sponsored) MPAA office, Brein. In a story that sees Donald Duck trying to sell illegal copies of a music CD, only to be thwarted in the end by Scrooge McDuck, the nephews explain their reasons for wanting to buy the expensive (30 dollar!), non-pirated CD: "But that's not fair! This CD is COPYRIGHTED! If nobody would buy CDs anymore, the record companies and artists would become beggars!"

Considering that the record company is owned by Scrooge McDuck, and considering typical industry practice, you have to wonder if the artists aren't already beggars. Meanwhile, Donald Duck's editor-in-chief has stated that the tone of voice of this particular comic is indeed atypical for the magazine, but has also denied any Brein involvement.


(Thanks, Branko!)