Thesixtyone: Music discovery game connects indies and fans

Thesixtyone is a "music discovery game" created by two USC students who quit their jobs to build a site that helps musicians and audiences discover each other. Fans use Digg-style thumbs-up to rate the music that's uploaded, but the game is that each rating costs you points, and you get more points if you rate up a song that lots of other people rate up too.

Musicians upload their music for listening, but rather than allowing the Simon Cowells of the world decide which songs go on the homepage, the listeners do. How, you say? If you like a song you've found on thesixtyone, just click the "bump" button to increase its bump count. Doing so will cost you points, but if songs you bump get bumped by others, you can earn more points! Collecting points increases your level and reflects your skill in picking top songs in your favorite genre!

By listening to songs through the lens of the collective community on thesixtyone, you'll always find good new music. We're committed to giving every bit of music on the web the opportunity to find its audience.