NY Time's Magazine "Year in Ideas" issue

Eloisa says: "The New York Times Magazine has a "Best of 2007" issue that seems to have a strong appeal to BB sensibilities. Check it out, it's fun!"


Airborne Wind Turbines,

Alzheimer's Telephone Screening,

Ambiguity Promotes Liking,

Appendix Rationale,

Best Way to Deflect an Asteroid,

Biodegradable Coffins,

Biofuel Race,

Braille Tattoo,

Cardboard Bridge,

'Cat Lady' Conundrum,

Climate Conflicts,

Community Urinalysis,

Craigslist Vengeance,

Criminal Recycling,

Crowdware ,

Culinary Orientalism,

Death of Checkers,

Digital Search Parties,

Edible Cocktail,

Electric Hockey Skate,

Faces Decide Elections,

Fake Tilt-Shift Photography,

Fish-Flavored Fish,

God Effect,

Handshake Sex Appeal,

Height Tax,

Honeycomb Vase,

Hope Can Be Worse Than Hopelessness,

Iconic-Performance-Network Player,

Indie-Rock Musicals,

Interstellar Ramadan,

Jogging Politique,

Knot Physics,

Lap-Dance Science,

Left-Hand-Turn Elimination,

Lightning Farms,

Lite-Brite Fashion,

Marijuana Mansions,

Mindful Exercise,

Minimal Chair,

Mob Jurisprudence,

Murphy Balcony,


Next Violin,

Office-Chair Exercise (for Men and Women),

Pixelated Stained Glass,

Pop Fecundity,

Posthumous E-Mail,

Postnuptial Agreements,

Prison Poker,

Quitting Can Be Good for You,

Radiohead Payment Model,

Right to Medical Self-Defense,

Rock-Paper-Scissors Is Universal,

Second-World Solidarity,

Self-Righting Object,

Smog-Eating Cement,

Starch Made Us Human,

Suing God,

Telltale Food Wrapping,

24/7 Alibi,

Two-Birds-With-One-Stone Resistance,

Unadapted Theatrical Adaptation,


Wave Energy,

Weapon-Proof School Gear,


Wireless Energy,

Youtube (Accidental) Audition,

Zygotic Social Networking