Organization for Transformative Works: defend fandom!

Ethan Zuckerman says,

The Organization for Transformative Works has just launched.

It's a fascinating new proto-nonprofit determined to defend media fandom from the excesses of copyright and to help fanfic writers and vidders maintain control of their remixed works. A few especially interesting things about the org:

– the board chair is Naomi Novik, bestselling author who's been vocal about her support for the fanfic community

– the organization explicitly recognizes the role of women in the fandom community, and has launched with respect for that history as part of their values statement (not to mention an all-female board)

– the word "transformative" looks like they're throwing down the gauntlet in copyright battles, insisting that fic is fair use as a transformative work

Ethan's post on the org launch is here: Link.