iPhone Fully Loaded by Andy Ihnatko

iPhone Fully Loaded
by Andy Ihnatko isn't a book that teaches you how to use the iPhone's operating system or interface. (You don't need a book for that — you can just watch the instructional videos at the Apple website and learn almost all you need to know about using the iPhone out of the box.)

Instead, iPod Fully Loaded shows you how to load (hence the title) your phone with songs, podcasts, videos, comic books, blogs, applications, photos, spreadsheets, databases and other types of media.

I learned something new in every chapter. The way Ihnatko uses smart playlists in iTunes is pure genius, and it's the first thing I put into practice. His advice on ripping DVDs into movies is the best I've read, and I'm looking forward to trying his method of converting web sites, email, and documents into spoken text.

Ihnatko is a very funny guy (he's my favorite guest on Leo Laporte's MacBreak Weekly podcast), and the book is very funny, too. I enjoy his jokes so much that I even read the Windows-users-only parts of the book, just so I wouldn't miss out on the merriment.

Anyone who has an iPhone should have a copy of this book.