Waterboarding in Cambodia

Sean Ragsdale has been traveling through Asia and sharing some interesting video and photos with friends. He also happens to be one of the folks behind waterboarding.org. He writes:

While we were in Cambodia this winter I visited the Tuol Sleng
Genocide Museum. Tuol Sleng is one of the
few places where you can see a real actual waterboard in the room
where it was used to torture prisoners. I've created a
'waterboardingdotorg' Flickr account and put a link up here.

Nice to know America has something in common with the Khmer Rouge — something that isn't torture, of course. Among the photos in that set, this chilling shot of a poster on the wall of the Khmer Rouge's chief of staff, now covered with graffitti — and this sign reprimanding less-than-reverent visitors; "no laughing allowed."


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