Filmmakers use DMCA to go after negative review

Dwiff sez, "Pissed off filmmaker BJ DAVIS sues film reviewer for panning his film – and uses DMCA to do it.
I guess nobody told BJ that all's fair in Fair Use & war…"

In case you haven't heard, director and producer BJ Davis and his wife Julia Davis want to sue me over a negative review I wrote of the mob comedy Forget About It. Seriously. Despite BJ officially serving me "legal notice" through an e-mail, I still don't know what I'm being sued over. The original e-mail sent to me by Julia Davis said, and I quote, "illegally using artwork to the feature film "Forget About It" and disseminating fraudulent, misleading and materially false information about the film in question." For one, using artwork in a review would undoubtedly fall under fair use laws. Secondly, Allumination Filmworks likely owns the artwork used to promote Forget About It to U.S. DVD buyers. And third, court papers posted at Big Screen Entertainment's website cast doubt on whether or not BJ Davis even owns the movie's copyright at this point.