Nevar Fergit! 1-31-07.

A video tribute to the events which occurred on 1-31-07 in Boston, MA involving an Aqua Teen Hunger Force marketing campaign and the chaos that followed. Video by Russ Gooberman, who is now a producer with Boing Boing tv.

Deconstructing the Great ATHF Freak Out of 2007
Mooninite on the Haunted Mansion

Stickers: This is engineering, not bomb-making

State of Massachusetts insists on calling ATHF ads "hoax devices"

Boston LED terror scare: a message to the media

Mark on ABC news about Mooninite devices

Fake pipe bombs found in Boston

Video of Mooninite menaces

Boston Mooninite installer arrested

Boston Channel photoshops Mooninite LED signs

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the Bomb T-Shirts

LED ad campaign ignites terrorism scare in Boston

Link to a Google search output that points to dozens more Boing Boing posts around this story in 2007. Good times.