Augmented reality system filters out moving objects

The folks who created the amazing security camera screen saver (now available for Windows), are working on a real-life version of the "superplonk" reality filtering system that author Charles Stross introduced in his terrific novel, Accelerando.

 Wp-Content Uploads 2008 01 Superplonk

In Accelerando Charles Stross writes about a lot of interesting concepts we are just starting to work on. It was one of the most important books for me in 2007. it shows how close science fiction and science get in these days.

My favorite feature is "superplonk." It remixes the environment and filters annoying persons, objects and sounds. That's an augmented reality version of what I practice today with special earplugs. But soon that should be possible with modified hearing devices and slim head mounted displays.

One experiment in my ongoing surveillance series simulates superplonk with images of network cameras. Via motion detection I am reconstructing a place's image without people and cars. All moving objects are becoming ghosts. Only people and cars who are standing still are becoming visible. Movement makes you invisible. Jan covers this topic in his master thesis, too.